Hook up water temp gauge

I've found both the small temp gauge sender in the back top of the head, and the temp sensor for the computer in front near the thermostat i still don't have a good idea how to hook this thing up. Viewline ivory 250°f water temperature gauge 12/24v with vdo sender and metric thread adapters add to wishlist | add to compare a2c53413384-k2 learn more cockpit international 265°f/130°c mechanical temperature gauge with 72 capillary, master pack, 12v add to wishlist. I would appreciate any advice and help on how to hook up my water and oil pressure gauges that i just got from kirban i have the oil pressure sender and i a small sender for the water.

Looking to install a traditional mechanical temp gauge on your vehicle this video details a typical installation into an intake manifold and some of the common mistakes we hear about on the auto. The oil temperature gauge monitors transmission oil temperatures and warns you before the oil get too hotif the oil temperature gets too hot it can mess up your transmission fluid or possibly cause engine damage the normal temperature should be between 150 degrees f and 250 degrees f. The installed pod, boost gauge and cyberdyne digital water temp gauge if you don't use a pod you can mount individual gauge cups to the a-pillar, notice the aluminum sheet used to reinforce the plastic a-pillar (used for large 2 5/8 inch gauge. Water temp depends on what you have some have the threaded hole in the intake manifold at the t-stat housing most all 43s have threaded holes in the heads between #3 & #5 cyl on drivers side and between #2 & #4 on pass side the gauge should have come with its own sending unit prolly 1/8 pipe threads.

I used this spot to tap my autometer mechanical water temp gauge into on my 2001-pt-motor-swapped 1st-gen neon depending on the length of the probe (if it is a mechanical gauge), you may have to use a fitting extension (autometer sells them -- i had to use one with my gauge) and/or 1/8 to 1/4 adapter. We also ran the blue wire to the water temp signal, gray to the alternator signal post, and green to the fuel level signal post note that on the alternator gauge that the actual signal post is. Swap out the same year gauge cluster (yours has lights) with a gauged cluster (with gauges) and get the appropriate gauge senders for gauges the op gauge is different, don't know about the 96 temp gauge sender or find a temp sender that you can screw in to the drain block bung and run an am gauge mounted appropriately in the cab. Keep in mind that the sender for the temp gauge is located on the drivers side front of the intake manifold it is not connected to anything but the temp gauge, so disconnecting it won't hurt anything the thermostat housing has a boss for a temp sender, but it may not be suitable for your gauge.

The temperature gauge works great, it comes with all wiring, nice anodized tee with sensor, and simple instructions on where to hook up everything you can also order the gauge pod to enclose it for surface mounting. If you want to see the water temp coming out of the motor use the upper plenum or an insert if you simply want to see the temp of the water circulating in the block use the stock or close location (lower tube. The most effective location for a water temperature gauge on a vehicle is on the head or the side of the block generally, water temperature gauges are more accurate and fit better in these locations.

Posted: mon may 14, 2018 5:03 am post subject: re: installing water temp gauge the factory temp sending unit is 1/8 npt thread the smallest adapter you can get for a mechanical gauge is 1/4 npt thread. I bought a wter temp gauge at a flea market jus the gauge no wiring or lights i took care of the lights but every time i try to hook up the gauge the temp red lines and turns the fan on i have two wires coming out of the factory temp sensor and three wire hook ups on the back of the gauge its an auto meter 2 5/8 procomp electric gauge100-260 degrees theres a post rite under the light hole and. Gettin ready to hook up water temp and oil pressure gauges ,where is the best spot to hook them into the engine, i was thinkin right on the water pump where to hook up water temp / oil pressure - diesel forum - thedieselstopcom.

Hook up water temp gauge

With an electric water temp gauge, youre sposed to use/buy a temperature sending unit a lot of people drill their thermostats and thread the sending unit in they you just run a wire from the sending unit to the guage. Best way to hook up water temperature gauge post by cpt_impossible » thu oct 26, 2006 12:58 am after dealing with on and off overheating problems i've realized i need a water temperature gauge. A temperature gauge is one of the most important sensor gauges on any vehicle with an internal-combustion engine that uses a radiator and cooling jackets engine temperature directly affects combustion and moving internal parts. Instructions for the installation of the electric temperature, pressure and/or fuel gauge are contained herein use is restricted to 12-volt negative ground electrical systems light bulb, if supplied, is 12 0 515 012 123 -- electric gaugesp65 author: administrator created date.

Connect one wire from the gauge light to a grounded metal part of the vehicle chassis using an existing bolt or self-tapping screw connect the other wire to a positive (+) 12 volt wire from the dashboard lighting circuit using a wire tap-splice clip the gauge light into the hole in the back of the temperature gauge. Auto meter competition instruments demonstrates how to install a basic water temperature gauge and what components are needed to complete the install. This is what i did for my 2011 50 to hook up a ford racing electric water temp gauge and a ford racing oil pressure gauge it was a tight fit to try and t off of the stock oil sending unit so i ordered a sandwich adapter from glowshift, i ordered the one for a 2004 as i knew the oil filter thread was exactly the same as the 2011 and yep, i was.

Can't seem to locate the info looking to find out where you hook up a mechanical aftermarket water temp gauge on the motor, not electric the ones with copper line and fitting that screws into motor any help is much appreciated. 7 color series water temperature gauge for product numbers: gs-c706, gs-t706 and gs-w706 wire color code yellow: 12v switched 12v constant source (+) (un-switched) orange: headlamp source (+) (optional) red: 12v ignition source (+) (switched) green: connects to the white wire on the temperature sensor black: vehicle ground ( - ) 1. Mechanical temp gauge in a 350 where to connect i'm getting ready to drop an 88 tbi 350 in my cj7 and wanted to run a mechanical temp gauge, but i don't know where to connect it to anybody run one where'd you hook it up any pics would be very helpful too. Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while been so busy drove the stang for the first time in about a month this weekend and decided its finally time to get this temp gauge hooked up as the one in the stock cluster only works on occasion.

hook up water temp gauge 2 route 18-gauge wire through firewall if a new hole is drilled in the firewall a grommet is recommended connect one end to terminal post on temperature sender, and opposite end to sender (s) terminal on back of gauge 3 route 18-gauge wire from center terminal gnd (-) on back of gauge to good ground near sender 4.
Hook up water temp gauge
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